Introduction to Defensive Handgun


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Introduction to Defensive Handgun is an entry level Defensive Pistol course for the student who wishes to learn the Concepts and Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting and Handgun Manipulation. What you will learn:

  • Safety as a Concept
  • How to choose the best defensive handgun
  • The Plausibility Principle and how it dictates our training
  • Skill Development Cycle
  • How Target Shooting differs from Combat Accuracy
  • Multiple Defensive Shooting Drills to increase your Efficiency with your Defensive Firearm
  • How to use the body’s Natural Reaction during a Dynamic Critical Incident.

What to bring:

  1. Your firearm and 150 rds of target or ball ammo (Rental available for $25 does not include ammo)
  2. Eye and ear protection (electronic ears preferred)
  3. Snacks and fluids to stay hydrated
  4. A positive learning attitude

Course Fee is $75.00

* Cancellations must be within 48 hours of the date of the class and subjected to a refund fee of 3-5%. No shows are non-refundable.*

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4/11/21 AM, 4/11/21 PM, 6/12/21 AM, 6/12/21 PM, August 15 PM, September 26 AM, September 26 PM, 3/19/22 AM, 3/19/22 PM