Dynamic Defensive Handgun – 2 Day Course


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Dynamic Defensive Handgun Powered by Combat Focus Shooting.

Dynamic Defensive Handgun is an Intuitive shooting course designed to help the student be more Efficient with a defensive firearm in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident.

This course is two full days of intense training.  The course will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development
  • Defensive Accuracy
  • Lateral Motion
  • The Balance of Speed & Precision
  • The Critical Incident Reload
  • Volume of Fire
  • Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement
  • Understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident.
  • The Skill Development Cycle
  • One Handed & Weak Handed Shooting
  • Non-Diagnostic Linear Malfunction Clearing

Students will fire a minimum of 800 rounds. Students are welcomed to bring more ammunition, there are specific drills that round count may be increased. What to Bring:

  1. Handgun and 3 mags, 5 for single stack
  2. Minimum 800 rds of target ammunition
  3. Rigid holster, either kydex material or hybrid
  4. Ear and eye protection
  5. Hydration and food
  6. Notepad and writing implement as you may want to take notes
  7. Dress for the weather

*Cancellations must be within 48 hours of date of class and subject to a refund fee of 3-5%. No shows are non-refundable.*

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5/29/21-5/30/21, July 25-26, DATE 3, DATE 4, DATE 5